What is Social Style & Versatility

“Social Style” is the behaviour that one exhibits when interacting with others. Being aware of your own style, and the style of others, helps a person develop productive relationships particularly at work.

The Four Social Styles

The four Social Styles are Driving Style, Expressive Style, Amiable Style, and Analytical Style. Tracom, having conducted in excess for forty years’ worth of research, has created the Social Style Model based on the four unique styles. Each style has different ways of using time, and predictable ways of interacting with others and making decisions. A person’s Style is an habitual form of behaviour and tends to remain constant over time.


Versatility is a measure of how well one uses their style, in order to gain endorsement and support from others, in interpersonal interactions. Unlike Style, which tends to remain constant, Versatility can be improved, and is a key predictor of success.

Style Profiles

Each course participant will receive a profile of their own Behavioural Style and Versatility rating. Profiles are available in Self Perception versions or Multi-Rater (often referred to as 360) versions. Assessments are done on-line.

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